Tony Colville – Chair of Cardiff City FC Foundation

I have had the double joy of being able to get to know TRAC2 through both my work with Michael Sheen and as Chair of Cardiff City FC Foundation. In 2016 I was honoured to host an all-expenses paid trip for 200 community members, volunteers and staff connected to TRAC2 at a Cardiff City FC match and to recognise the incredible work of Sue and the team with a half-time presentation of a signed shirt and announcement in our match day programme.

Seeing several coach loads of people coming to the stadium to enjoy themselves as a community gave me great pleasure and our connection has stayed strong ever since. Working for Michael I get to meet thousands of charities, social enterprises and volunteers and a few really stick with you, really touch your heart and keep you up at night! TRAC2 is one of those that you never forget and you desperately want to find ways to help them do more.

Through Michael’s support I am able to do just that and have been looking at how we can to support fundraising, engagement with the media, getting TRAC2 the recognition and support they deserve through awards and wider efforts to look into their business model and opportunities with the support of the Bevan Foundation. It is early days but 2017 promises to be a better year, a year of solid growth and greater support and investment. This is only possible with the incredible work of everyone involved and we all owe a debt of thanks to those going beyond to make sure those with the need for love, support and friendship, get it and get it from the best!

April 2017

We value your help and support that is tirelessly given to our community.

If you would like to donate, we would appreciate any amount that you can afford. Thank you.

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“A special thanks from me to everyone who has delivered support, given their time or simply donated to TRAC2 – you are an amazing community and long may it continue.”

Michael Sheen, April 2017