Matthew Ford – Chairman

It has been quite the year for TRAC2 Charity and we have been busier than ever.  TRAC2 has been in the heart of the community for many years and continues to support those less fortunate.

I am proud to have been voted as chairman for the third consecutive year and I am very proud of the team we have built.  Sue’s relentless partnership working has seen great relationships formed and organisations actively involved in TRAC 2’s vision.

Massive amounts of furniture have been reclaimed from landfill and donated to people who would otherwise go without or have to go to high interest stores like BrightHouse to get essential items. The shop continues to serve the community in affordable household furnishings and continues to offer work experience.

TRAC2’s volunteer database is also something I’m extremely proud of, with a strong band of volunteers gaining valuable working skills that give them opportunities to progress into full time paid work.

I would like to thank all involved in making TRAC2 such an amazing success and I would like to give thanks to Sue, Dawn, Hannah and Rebecca whose vision for ending poverty is surely pivotal to the community’s future.

TRAC2’s volunteer database is also something I’m extremely proud of, with a strong band of volunteers gaining work experience.


Sue Malson – Line Manager

I am so proud of everything we have accomplished this year. Working together we have helped provide families with beds to sleep in, cutlery to eat with, clothes to wear, gas and electric to light and heat their homes and food to eat. We, as a team, and a community are relentless in our fight against poverty and will not give up.

Torfaen has been hit hard by government cuts and TRAC2 is at the heart of the issues helping to ease the burden felt by the residents of our Borough.  Being on the front line I see, I hear, we act! In the last year, I have made my vocal cords heard and at times, well, ‘let’s say some were less than happy’.

I have cried with frustration, I have lost countless nights of sleep through worry to find solutions and overcome some of the appalling situations I’ve witnessed.  I never give up and my heart has smiled seeing the results of what working together can achieve.

So many people have assisted and without the support of the community through donations and our working partnerships with the amazing agencies we collaborate with TRAC2 would not be able to deliver our award-winning service.  I thank you form the bottom of my heart!


STOP!!!  THINK!!! What if TRAC2 didn’t exist? – “I don’t even want to think about it”


Dawn Hicks – Shop Manager

I have worked at TRAC2 for five years and I am proud to be a part of this incredible charity.  TRAC2 has had many volunteers old and new some who are of a vulnerable nature who has given up many hours of their spare time, volunteers are a highly-regarded part of our team, and within this friendly environment they are encouraged and supported to learn new skills which lift their confidence.

Our shop has an excellent relationship with our customers, local businesses and groups, and have all pulled together for charity fund raising and community events, they have also made kind donations for events TRAC2 has held. I have seen how the need for the shop has grown rapidly over the past years and how its customers take full advantage of its low-price products, we hold items for some customers until they can collect and pay, other customers use our payment book scheme where they have their goods and pay when able, our customers now extend far outside the community and are always complimentary on the shop, its products and the hard work of the staff. I have also seen how donations have increased massively which also extends far outside its community and are always greatly appreciated.

At the shop, there are other areas of help given. The shop helps put together packs for families in need as part of TRAC2’s referral project, we have donated items of cutlery, knives and decorations to the local community centre, we have supported a local lady with card making equipment that are donated to a children’s hospital, patterns and materials to the local sewing club, and many more. Sometimes it’s the little things like drying the local lollipop lady’s wet clothes or loaning a pump for a Childs bike, we are always happy to help. I am proud to have helped forward this now essential Charity that lives up to its name The Really Amazing Charity.

I am proud to have helped forward this now essential Charity that lives up to its name The Really Amazing Charity.

We value your help and support that is tirelessly given to our community.

If you would like to donate, we would appreciate any amount that you can afford. Thank you.

“A special thanks from me to everyone who has delivered support, given their time or simply donated to TRAC2 – you are an amazing community and long may it continue.”

Michael Sheen, April 2017