TRAC2 Charity Shop has had amazing support from the community in 2017.  With over 11,000 customers and so much given by generous donators it is still the central focal point for many in the community.  The shop continues to maintain its high quality, low cost items to suit every need, taste and budget.

The shop has between 10 and 15 volunteers on any given month.  Many gaining valuable retail experience, customer service skills and some just wanting to give back and support the community.

Credit Union utilise the shop every Tuesday. Credit Unions are financial co-operatives that are community-focused and controlled by their members, offering savings and loans.

There is not a day that I don’t pop into the shop for a browse and a chat. I always end up buying something. Being on low income, I don’t know how else I could afford these items without TRAC2 shop.

We value your help and support that is tirelessly given to our community.

If you would like to donate, we would appreciate any amount that you can afford. Thank you.

“A special thanks from me to everyone who has delivered support, given their time or simply donated to TRAC2 – you are an amazing community and long may it continue.”

Michael Sheen, April 2017