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Our TRAC2 outreach office is based in the heart of Trevethin and is the foundation of the charity. It is a community hub that hosts several agencies, such as Bron Afon, Melin, Citizens Advice Torfaen; Platform; POBL; Social Services; Counselling; Building Resilient Communities and many more. Having these agencies central to the community allows residents easy access to the support they need without the added pressure of costly travel.

Our Outreach Office is utilised daily by our working partnerships and clients including Communities First with grant applications, Money Advice, private counselling sessions and employment support. Citizens Advice now host two sessions a week, Wednesdays and Thursdays, for generalist advice and benefit specialists.

However, due to Covid restrictions, these service have been currently placed on hold and we will revisit in 2022. If you request any of the support listed above you can contact them directly.


Folly Lane,
Trevethin, Pontypool,

t:01495 764078

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm

The charity is run by members from the area who are perfectly placed to understand the needs of the community and we are proud of the trust and level of engagement we have developed with our service users. We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to our working partners who have continued to go above and beyond to support some of the most vulnerable in our community, we appreciate all that you do. 

‘If it wasn’t for the support I had from you when I had Covid in the first lockdown I wouldn’t be here now. Sue, you not only gave me supplies you gave my mental health a boost. You showed me kindness, love and you cared. You gave me the strength to get through it. You work so hard, Sue, to give support and friendship to those who need it’.

The Really Amazing Charity
Helping support families and individuals across Torfaen and the wider communities.

We, as a team, and as a community, are relentless in our fight against poverty and will not give up!.

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