Our Outreach Office is utilised daily by our working partnerships and clients including Communities First with grant applications, Money Advice, private counselling sessions and employment support. Citizens Advice now host two sessions a week, Wednesdays and Thursdays, for generalist advice and benefit specialists.

Our Outreach Office is also used to put together our family starter packs. The starter packs vary based on the needs of the family but regardless of size our team of dedicated volunteers can have a pack put together and Sue can load and deliver within an hour of the referral being received. This is something we are extremely proud of!

The Outreach office has a cosy family room that is in constant use. The room is free for all agencies to use, has no telephone and no computer to ensure confidentiality, privacy and no distractions. Clients and agencies alike who use this space are more comfortable and feel safe in a warm, friendly environment.

My son and his girlfriend are extremely grateful for your support, especially at such short notice and it being a Bank Holiday. Thank goodness for organisations like this and all who volunteer and commit their time to help poverty and improve their local community.

We value your help and support that is tirelessly given to our community.

If you would like to donate, we would appreciate any amount that you can afford. Thank you.

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“A special thanks from me to everyone who has delivered support, given their time or simply donated to TRAC2 – you are an amazing community and long may it continue.”

Michael Sheen, April 2017