What We Do

We specialise in crisis intervention through the provision of household items to those in desperate need. We pride ourselves on enabling families who have reached a low ebb in their lives to re-join society or help independent living and to support them back into work through our extensive resume of working partners.

The families and individuals we support have faced poverty, homelessness, social services intervention, the care system, or extended hospital stays. When challenged with these issues, it can be difficult to have a fresh start or to even know where to begin. That is where TRAC2 can help. We can call on a multitude of agencies to work as a team and support our clients through these difficult transition periods.

Providing items such as a settee, bed and some bedding can go a long way to creating a home that families and individuals we support can be proud of. It gives them a sense of ownership that can make a huge difference to their children, their financial stability, and their mental and physical health and in some cases, has been lifesaving.

We work diligently to support anyone who may need assistance with a small, yet dedicated team of staff and volunteers. The relationships we have built with local agencies has been lifesaving to those who feel they do not have a voice, who feel they have no one who will listen and have no one who cares. TRAC2 does listen and we do care. We will strive to ensure that no one is left cold, hungry, or sleeping on bare floors. We endeavour to make certain that their needs are met to the best of our ability and if we cannot help, we know someone we can call on who can. We are able to provide this support through our partners, funders but also our Internal Model of Support (IMS) (See below). Our three premises allow us to create a seamless transition between support requested and support delivered. Below you will see a basic outline of our IMS. We also strive to meet our TRAC2’s adaptation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (See Below). These two models create the foundation of TRAC2’s support. Families and individuals need to feel that each of their basic needs are met thus allowing them to move forward and excel.

Internal Model of Support (IMS)

1. A call for support comes in from a self-referral or support agency and a support need is identified.

2. Shop Staff and volunteers will check the shop for household items such as curtains, lampshades, and pictures to add homely touches.

3. The Warehouse is where the furniture is housed, so a home package is put together from donated stock by the warehouse team.

4. The admin team co-ordinate delivery, speak to the client and put food packages together if required.

5. The delivery team load up the van, and the package is delivered, if needed, that very same day.

The Really Amazing Charity
Helping support families and individuals across Torfaen and the wider communities.

We, as a team, and as a community, are relentless in our fight against poverty and will not give up!.

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